We Help Makers, Engineers and STEM Educators Create Online Courses

Are you an expert, ready to teach thousands of students with an online course?

Not sure how to deal with audio & video, editing, publishing platforms, maintenance and all the moving parts of an on-line school?

We can help you.

We have created dozens of courses and taught hundreds of thousands of students. We can help you create and publish your next amazing course.

You concentrate on content; we'll do everything else.

Why work with us

We are the team behind the courses at Tech Explorations. Since 2014, we have created and published dozens of successful courses, helping hundreds of thousands of students learn cutting-edge knowledge and skills.

After many years of improvements and refinements in our course production and publication process, we are now proud to offer our services to any instructor that wishes to create an online course.

Taylor-made courses

We have designed our course creation process to adapt to your specific needs. We recognize that no two courses are ever the same. While some characteristics are shared, the uniqueness are hidden in the details. We will help you discover what is unique about your teaching style and subject matter, and create a course that can stand aside from the crowd.


If you want to learn everything there is to know about creating, publishing, marketing and selling a course, you should consider our coaching option. With coaching, our team will guide you through the course creation process from start to finish. With our help, you will learn "on the job", but without the frustration.


If you prefer to concentrate on your course's subject matter and not to worry about recordings, video and audio editing, project management, publishing and a million other things that are part of the job, then you should consider the Do-it-for-you option. As the content expert, you'll provide us with the content, and we'll do the rest.

Taylor-made courses

Every course is unique.

We will help you create a course that fits best with your teaching style, your content, and your student needs.

Explore and define your course objectives

The primary objective of any course is to help students reach their learning objectives. We will help you identify those objectives and feed the results of this work into the curriculum design.

Design the curriculum

The curriculum design step involves determining the detailed path that your student will take to reach their learning objective. To implement this path, the curriculum will use a combination of learning assets (video lectures, text lectures, slides, diagrams, photographs, programming code, etc.) organised in a logical way. We will help you design this curriculum, and determine the best type of learning assets for each step.

Create course content

Once the curriculum is ready, it is time to create the learning assets. We will help you create scripted video lectures, presentation slides, schematics, text lectures, and more. We can help you setup your audio and video recording equipment, or even create the recordings for you. We will edit all raw content to produce high-quality video lectures and polished presentations for your lectures.

Publish your course

Once the course content is ready, the last major step of the process is to put it all together and publish the course. We can help you to publish your course in your own self-hosted online school, or a public platform. We will explain the advantages and disadvantages of each option, and help you make the best choice for your needs. When your new course is published, 


We can teach you how to create your perfect course.

With our coaching program, our course creation experience becomes yours, without the costly mistakes.

Learn our course creation process

Since 2014, we have been creating multiple courses each year. We have optimised our course creation process so that we can produce amazing courses at low cost. We have designed our coaching to teach you everything you need to know to create your first or next course.

Reduce the production cost

Creating an online course can be expensive. Apart from your own time, costs include necessary items such as recording studio equipment (cameras, microphones, etc.), software tools (video editing software, video hosts, learning management system subscriptions etc.), and buying other people's time (usually a video editor and web site designer). You can reduce these costs considerably if you choose to do most of the work in-house.

Avoid costly mistakes

The creation of an online course is a complicated process with many moving parts. Aside from your expertise in the course's topic, you must also develop your skills in areas as diverse as recording studio operations, presentation, video and audio editing, educational design, web site and learning management system design and maintenance, marketing and sales. Mistakes can be very costly. A wrong camera or screen recorder setting, an incorrectly connected microphone, or a failed video export have consequences. With the help of our coaches, you will avoid these costly mistakes and ensure that all your work counts towards creating your perfect course.

Invest in your online teaching future

Like you, above all we are teachers. We aim to equip our students with the knowledge they need to be as independent as possible in the paths they have chosen. If you choose to be an online course creator, then knowing how to create an online course is a fundamental skill for your chosen path. Even if you choose to create a support team around you to help you with specific parts of the course creation process, being a competent end-to-end course creator will give you an undeniable competitive advantage in a competitive industry.


We can take care of the entire course production process so that you can concentrate on the subject matter. Give us a draft manuscript and receive a polished and shined online course.

Perfect for time-poor experts

The creation of an online course is a process that demands time; a lot of time. Perhaps you already have the content of the course, or just enough time to create it, but can't secure enough time for production. This is where our Do-it-for-you option comes in. We will transform your manuscript into an online course that is ready to sell.

Leverage your expertise

Our Do-it-for-you course development is designed to leverage your existing expertise so that you can reach a global audience. We can help you capture your knowledge in the form of an online course, complete with video lectures, text documents, presentation slides, photographs, and any other media that is required. We will do all this for you, based on draft content that you perhaps already have.

Complete life-cycle management

The Do-it-for-you course creation process begins with your draft documents and curriculum, and continues with the course production and publication. However it does not stop there. Once your course is ready and published, we will also maintain it and update it on your behalf. This way your course will remain up-to-date and relevant, capable of attracting and teaching new students indefinitely.

Predictable costings

The Do-it-your-self option has a higher cost compared to the Coaching option. We take care to assess and calculate those costs before the project begins. You will always know the costs of your course development, and you will have transparent access to our project management tool so that you can monitor progress. Your payments are spread throughout the development process.


What are the differences between Coaching and Do-It-For-You?

Both options utilise our tested and refined online course development process. The difference between the two relates to the amount of time and work that you, the subject matter expert, can provide.

In Coaching, you will do the majority of the work, following our process and advice. We monitor your progress and have weekly meetings to help you in every step of the way. Because you will be doing the actual work needed to produce the course, Coaching has a much lower cost compared to Do-It-For-You. 

In Do-It-For-You, on the other hand, we will do all of the work related to the production of your course, with the exception of the creation of the raw content (i.e. the manuscript). It is likely that as you are a subject matter expert, you already have a lot of the required raw content ready for us to transform into a polished online course. Because we will be doing the bulk of the work, Do-It-For-You is most costly when compared to Coaching.

Who owns the IP of the final course?

You, as the subject matter expert and our customer, own the Intellectual Property of the final course.

However, this is negotiable. For example, you may want to partner with us to create a course on a topic of mutual interest. This would result in reducing the cost of production for you, in exchange for co-ownership of the IP for the resulting course.

This is a discussion that we will have at the beginning of the process. The final decision is made by you.

Where can I publish the final course?

Once your new course is ready to publish, you can choose how to host it. There are many options available, and we can help you to choose one (or more) and to implement them. Here are some options:

  • Self-publish: publish your new course on your own learning management system, and have full control over your content, marketing, and pricing.
  • Public host: publish your course on platforms such as Udemy.com or Coursera.org. Leverage the reach that these platforms offer, in exchange for some loss of marketing and pricing.
  • Managed-hosted self-publishing: This options sits between self-publishing and using a public host. For example, hosts such as Teachable.com allow you to self-host your course without having to develop and maintain your own website.

How long does it take for a course to be ready?

The duration of the course creation process depends on a lot of variables. The complexity of the subject matter, your educational and business objectives, our collective workloads, and the availability of the raw materials are some of the variables that come into play here.

The first part of our course creation process, Discovery, will also explore this question. Before production begins, we will have a detailed and accurate project plan that provides a reliable project duration.

Having said that, our production duration for a technology course that aims for beginners in the subject field takes between 2 to 3 months, from project start to publication.

Can you develop a course for a business?

Yes. If your company develops and sells a technology that customers need to learn how to use, an online course can surely have a positive effect in both sales and reputation.

We have created courses for companies to use as part of their customer support effort. For example, we can create a course to teach your customers how to use your products.

You can offer your customers free access to this course, publish it on YouTube, or on your documentation and knowledge website. You can also direct your customers to specific lectures that answer their questions, or solve a problem they are facing.

Who is behind Course Assembly?

The team behind Course Assembly are the folks at Tech Explorations.

Tech Explorations is an online education provider that creates and publishes popular courses and books in the space of technology and Maker education. We have been creating online courses since 2014 and have helped hundreds of thousands of students from across the world to learn electronics and design. In that time, we have developed and refined an end-to-end course creation process that starts at the course concept level, continues to course development and production, and includes publication on our custom-built Tech Explorations website and public platforms, as well as marketing and sales.

We have packaged our Tech Explorations course creation process and are proud to be able to offer it to you through Course Assembly.

What is the discovery zoom call?

The purpose of the discovery Zoom call is to discuss your course idea and unpack the basic course parameters:

  • What is your course about?
  • Who is the target audience?
  • What are your primary objectives for wanting to create this course?
  • What are your main expectations of us?

We keep this meeting short at around 30 minutes so that we can focus on what is really important.

This meeting is obligation-free.

After the first meeting, our team will take the time to understand your requirements, and, with your agreement, we will schedule a second meeting.

The second Zoom call will be more in-depth, and aim to discover additional details about your course, such as to identify any existing raw materials that may be used in the course, to list the learning objectives for the student, identify your desired project start and end time and decide how you'd like to work (Coaching or Do-It-For-You). The second Zoom call will also allow us to gather the information we need for an initial costing of the project.